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#1 FAV Fudge Sampler

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We now are offering two sizes of our fudge sampler

Small sampler you'll get 6 assorted 1/4 lb. pieces of Master's Hand Fudge.

Regular sampler, you'll get 12 assorted 1/4 lb. pieces of Master's Hand Fudge.

We make all of our fudge right here in our Master's Hand shop with REAL butter and REAL cream which makes it REAL GOOD! :) 

Flavors will depend on seasonal availability so that you can try lots of different kinds! 

This sampler pack is great for parties... Or just while you hide from the kids in the pantry with a spoon! We don't judge - In fact, we encourage it! ;)

Hint: Store it in an empty Granola box and they will never find your secret stash!! 

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