Here at Master's Hand

We have created a little sanctuary away from the noise and clutter of life. A place where girlfriends, moms, daughters and sisters can go to enjoy each other’s company. Imagine a shop where you can sample decadent chocolates - shop for jewelry, diva-wear, purses, home decor, gifts and more- and even eat a delicious, elegant luncheon!

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Our Story

Where it all Started

It all started in 2003. I (Susie) was a stay-at-home mom and the kids and I decided to make candles for Christmas gifts. We figured, "how hard could it be? Get some wax and smelly stuff.... Stick a wick in... And BOOM! Awesome candle!" How wrong we were! Those first candles were pathetic. But that experience in failure led to a year-long spree of candle testing and testing and testing...

Our Story

New Arrivals

  • Butterfly Kisses

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  • Mini Cheesecakes

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  • Croissants

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  • Caramel Pecan Rolls

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  • Fruit Tray

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