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This is why we will always champion small businesses.

Posted by Susie Robison on
This is why we will always champion small businesses.
With Small Business Saturday coming up, I thought I’d talk a bit about small businesses.

They are the ones you talk to when your church is doing a silent auction and you’re looking for donations.

They are the ones who smile and greet you by name when you come in the front door.

They are the ones who “WHOOHOO!” every time the iPad dings that an online order came it. (at least that’s how it works around here)

This is why we will always champion small businesses. They are our friends, neighbors, and family members. Here at Master’s Hand, we believe they make up the fabric of our communities.

This year has been hard on everyone - but for many small businesses, it’s been straight up terrifying. Some have been forced to close permanently with their dreams dashed. Some struggled through all the shutdowns this spring and are now wondering how to make it through again now that foot traffic has slowed again.

If we all don’t step up, we will continue to loose these foundations of our communities. So we challenge you… This year, instead of ordering that gift on Amazon, Walmart or other huge company…
Order from an artisan on Etsy.
Go to that little shop downtown.
Talk to that friend who usually makes and sells at craft fairs but can’t this year due to cancelations.

Because if we don’t keep supporting small business now, we won’t have small business there tomorrow.

Tag a small business that you are looking forward to supporting this year! Let’s spread the love!

Thank you for everything you are doing to keep us here!! We are grateful! ❤️ Nicole
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