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Master’s Hand brings it all together for Burt County business

Posted by Susie Robison on
Master’s Hand brings it all together for Burt County business - Master's Hand Candles

“Sometimes it is the hardships in life that open new doors of opportunities.  From its early days operating out of their home kitchen to becoming a major retail business in Burt County, you would think that Susie Robison of Master’s Hand Candle Company was a marketing genius.  To hear her tell her story, you soon realize that there was more at work in the growth of the company than any business degree could have ever prompted.

Through unforeseen circumstances and a faith in God’s hand at work in their lives, Master’s Hand Candle Co. was born in 2003.

“People seem surprised to learn that I have no business skills,” Susie Robison, founder and owner of Master’s Hand Candle Co. said.  “I am just a mom who found herself in the unexpected role of being a single mom. The business is just God’s crazy way of taking care of us.  I love to take care of people.  I love to love on people and to make them happy.  That’s what Master’s Hand is all about.”

Lessons From : The Kitchen

As part of a home school project, Susie bought a potter’s wheel and the family began to make cute little pots.  One Christmas they decided to try their hand at making candles to put into those pots.  “It was really a chemistry lesson trying to figure out how to make the candles even better,” Susie said.  “The first ones were really pathetic.”  After 9 months of research and keeping the notes together in a big book, they had figured out the secret to making what has become Master’s Hand candles.

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Curt Hineline, Editor Oakland Independent

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