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Let me introduce you to my mom

Posted by Susie Robison on
Let me introduce you to my mom - Master's Hand Candles
I’d love to introduce you to my mom, Kathryn Petersen! She was a beautiful, kind-hearted, quiet lady who had a smile for everyone she met. She didn’t have to be out in front, she just worked quietly behind the the curtain of our lives to make sure everything was done and everyone had everything they needed. When I was a kid I had no idea she actually slept because when I woke up she was there and when I went to bed she was there. I never heard her complain of being tired, she was always just there meeting everyone’s needs with a cheerful heart.  ❤️
My dad died when I was 15, in a time when men didn’t die of a heart attack at 48 years old. I was the youngest, the straggler/surprise in a litter of five and loosing dad rocked mom and my world. I watched how she worked painfully through being a widow and single parenting me. I watched what she did to continue on during really hard times. These were the times before the words like “self-care” were ever invented. She just worked hard and did the next thing. She never complained or threw a pity party for herself... she just.... with a joyful heart did the next thing and I watched.
I didn’t go to business school, that probably would have helped! I just learned everything I know about business from my mom and dad.
1. You save plastic bags inside of plastic bags inside of plastic bags (or in other words, you are frugal)
2. When someone comes to your house, you feed them.
So, I think a lot about what my kids will learn from me because... I guess they will, good or bad they will, just like I did from my mom. What will they be watching and how will they learn how to travel through big, hard and scary times and really great times and lonely times and confusing times....
I know what I want them to learn from me! I want them to learn to try new things and have the courage to give their dream a shot! I want them to think, what is the worst that can happen and realize that even if the worst thing happens, it really isn’t that bad - so just try! I want them to give others the benefit of the doubt and believe the very best in people. I want them to see me trust God and relax. I mean, really relax and rest in knowing He has this and I don’t have to wonder or worry a bit. I want them to consider everyone else more important than themselves.
But then I’m back to.... so Susie, is that really how you’re living out your life in real time? #goals
So thank you to my mom in heaven for the heritage you left for me and happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there! It’s a big job, and eyes are always watching how you will react to situations no matter how young and how old they are. It’s a priceless job! Keep it up because there’s no one better for your kids than YOU!
Thanks for taking the time to listen to my heart and thanks for doing life with me! xoxoSusie
🌸💕🌸Happy Mother’s Day!! 🌸💕🌸

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