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A Sweet Corn Dream Coming True!

Posted by Susie Robison on
A Sweet Corn Dream Coming True! - Master's Hand Candles

Sweet Corn Story

Last year, Scott bought these sweet corn seeds to plant in 2020 at Master's Hand. He had high hopes for massive sweet corn harvest and for families coming together to pick it. He always loved doing whatever he could to bring people together.
And so this year, it was very important to me to finish what he started and see his vision come to life. My brother and I planted the sweet corn in our field this spring  and I would love to share the progress and story.
xoxo Susie
June 3
The planting of the seeds --
Our Dream: Scott and I are both farm kids and we wanted to plant this field to sweet corn.
Our heart was (same as with our apple orchard) to create a place families can go and spend time together and make memories and be able to pick healthy food for their families.
So Scott bought a GIANT bag of sweet corn --- he had big plans! It was the world's greatest sweetcorn variety called "serendipity" sweet corn. Since that is also the name of our Chocolate Factory here at Master's Hand, we found that serendipitous! Ha! 
Last year was trial and error... Okay so mostly error.  But Scott bought a cultivator, shredder and disc and we had BIG plans for this field in 2020! 

June 11
Thinning out the corn by hand
18 inches tall
survived wind but had over 1 inch of rain
Watch video to see what I've been doing

June 26 
Getting help from my grand babies! 
We are pulling weeds
What's happening with the corn???
It sure would be nice to get a rain!!

June 30 - What's happening now....Hint: corn loves humidity -

July 4
"OH MY GOODNESS!! This is totally fascinating!!!!
What I learned about the corn silk and how it determines how many kernels we get on each ear of corn. 

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