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Raise your hand if you love iced coffee!

It’s that time of year!
The smell of the air after a thunder storm…
Flowers in bloom…
Driving with the windows down…
and our summer drinks at Master’s Hand!
Those are just a few of my FAVORITE things!
Stop trying to make everybody happy.  You are not chocolate.
Our Frozen Hot Chocolate is though… So come in for your glass of happiness!  And then there’s our Blended Cappuccinos!  And life happens.  Cappuccino helps!
Both options are yummy blended ice-cold goodness! Mmmm!


Summer Drinks at Master's Hand -
A good relationship should make you feel strong, productive, and able to take over the world.
Wait. That’s coffee.  Coffee does that.
Our cold brew iced coffee is just what you need to take over the world!

Summer Drinks at Master's Hand -

I’m outdoorsy.  In that I like drinking smoothies out on the deck.
You too?  Well we have both a deck and some pretty tasty peach or strawberry smoothies!  You in?
Summer Drinks at Master's Hand -
When life gives you lemons… Freeze them and throw them at whoever is bothering you.
Just kidding.  Just come down to Master’s Hand and get some cold lemonade! We even have it in strawberry, green apple, peach, black raspberry or cherry flavors.  It’ll taste so good, you won’t even care about life’s lemons anymore!
Summer Drinks at Master's Hand -
Let’s get this parTEA started!!
You haven’t lived till you’ve tried our iced orange tea.  It’s definitely worth parTEAing for!
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