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Our Story

How Master’s Hand Began

It all started in 2003. I (Susie) was a stay-at-home mom and the kids and I decided to make candles for Christmas gifts. We figured, “how hard could it be?  Get some wax and smelly stuff…. Stick a wick in… And BOOM!  Awesome candle!”  How wrong we were! Those first candles were pathetic.  But that experience in failure led to a year-long spree of candle testing and testing and testing. After a year, we had what we thought was the best candle around. Soon friends came back asking for more… And their friends came asking for more… Next thing we knew, we had fundraiser requests.  And so began Master’s Hand Candle Company.

When we outgrew the kitchen, our candle business took over the basement.  However, in 2008, “candle season” was nearing and we knew we had outgrown the basement.  The year before we had poured over 13,000 candles in a mere 3 months.  Our numbers were projected to be even higher and we just had to find something bigger.

And so in October of 2008, we bought the old Nordstom’s TV & Appliance just south of Tekamah.  At first we were simply planning to make candles and perhaps sell a few in the front.  But now after 11 years, you can see how that vision has changed!

What started as a family making 10 candles per batch in their kitchen in a makeshift double-boiler in a Presto Pot, was called, “A Diva’s Delight” in the Omaha World-Herald.



Our Mission

At Master’s Hand our goal is to create a comfortable environment where you can find beauty and inspiration – where you can reconnect with your girlfriends – and where you can be refreshed, refueled and revived!

That’s why they call us every woman’s dream shop.

Why do they call us Every Woman’s Dream Shop?

Here at Master’s Hand, we have created a little sanctuary away from the noise and clutter of life.  A place where girlfriends, moms, daughters and sisters can go to enjoy each other’s company.

We get it!

Everyone’s lives are beyond busy! Hearts are drifting apart from the noisy and busy clutter of “life.” It’s not that we want to drift apart, life is just busy.

Imagine a shop where you can sample decadent chocolates – shop for jewelry, diva-wear, purses, home decor, gifts and more- and even eat a delicious, elegant luncheon!

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