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Master’s Hand baked goodies + your get-together = you are a champion!!!

It’s holiday math!!

Master’s Hand baked goodies + your get-together = you are a champion!!!!

Did you know… We make delicious goodies in our bakery at Master’s Hand to order?

Yes! It’s true!!

You can be the champion of your next get-together this holiday season and bring the tastiest of treats baked right here at Master’s Hand. It’s never been easier to bring home-baked!

Or here’s an idea… Can’t make it home for Thanksgiving or Christmas?  Send them something tasty!  It won’t be as good as you being there, of course.  But it makes it a little better for them, amiright? 🙂


Do you have an upcoming get-together? Impress them with something delicious baked by us here at Master’s Hand! We can make you look good!


Try our yummy cinnamon rolls!

You’ll be amazed at how we’ve captured the ultimate cinnamon roll experience!  Served hot out of the oven with an inviting aroma, this fresh from scratch roll is sprinkled with baked-in cinnamon and a deliciously yummy, gooey glaze.

Size Options for Cinnamon and Caramel Rolls:

12 rolls in a pan for large rolls
24 rolls in a pan for small rolls


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