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Meet Susie!

Susie's Headshot

Hi Everyone!  I’m Susie, the Mom part of the Daughter/Son/Mom 2003 start-up of Master’s Hand Candle Company!

In 2013 I married Scott Robison, the most incredible guy I have ever known. I am blessed to be able to work with him every day here at Master’s Hand.  I am a mom to three fantastic and supportive adult children and grandma to four grandbabies. I’m a Christian and am so grateful for all the roads he has walked with me down and seen me through.

My story is pretty simple….

I grew up on a farm near Winside, Nebraska and went to Concordia College in Seward, Nebraska for one year.  No amount of schooling could prepare me for what I do here at Master’s Hand. But there are two simple lessons my Mom and Dad taught my siblings and I growing up, and they have resonated with me to this day. They are:

  1. How to save plastic bags inside of plastic bags inside of plastic bags…. or in other words, they taught me how to be frugal.
  2. When someone comes to your house, you feed them.

Both of these life lessons are woven into the DNA of every part of Master’s Hand.  Being frugal and living simply. And during the beginning of our business, these ideals were critical to our success. We spent years mastering and working to create a magical place where people could get away from the craziness of “life” and reconnect with friends and family. This, of course, ties back in with the second simple lesson – when someone comes to your house, you feed them!  So that’s why when you come to our house, (Master’s Hand) it gives us no greater joy than to feed you!  FREE chocolate and fudge samples are offered every day!

We have a pretty amazing DREAM TEAM and since we are all farm girls, you will find made from scratch pies, cakes, breads, soups, and entrees. And also being “farm girls” you will never hear us use the “F” word, that is of course FAT-FREE. We use only whole ingredients like real cream and butter.  We don’t open bags and cans full of preservatives to do our cooking!  We use fresh herbs and organic vegetables whenever possible in our recipes.  Why? Because our vision for Master’s Hand continues to be a desire to create a magical place where friends and family can get away and reconnect with friends and family.  Our goal here at Master’s Hand isn’t to become rich, we are in the people business and people are all that really matter to us.

Master’s Hand really is the perfect place for a chronic, over-achieving attention deficit disorder person like me! Every day is different and you never know what goodies you will find here at our shop!  In the course of an hour, I could be doing any one or all of the following… flower delivery, chocolatier, a dreamer, a chef, a waitress, a decorator, an accountant, a custodian, a gardener, a counselor, or a mechanic. It’s a crazy wonderful world and I love my work and I am beyond thankful for what I do every day!

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