Meet Bria!

My name is Bria and I’m a senior in high school at Tekamah-Herman. I mostly enjoy the music classes at my school. I take music tech, Swing/Core vocal, and band. I really like to sing and play instruments. I sing soprano 1 and play the alto, baritone, and tenor sax, the piano, and the fiddle/violin. I would like to major in band and minor in vocal or the other way around in college.

I also cheer at my school; football and wrestling. I like to cheer to watch the sport. I grew up with three brothers that played both those sports so I just got used to it. I also have an older sister. I am the youngest of all my siblings. My two oldest siblings have both a girl and a boy. Being an aunt is my favorite thing in the world. I buy my nieces and nephews presents all the time. I have a cat who is my best friend and his name is Mufasa. He can be a little crazy at times but what cat isn’t?