Meet Anna!

For starters, what you need to know about me is that my name is Anna, and being creative in all forms is fun for me! I am an avid painter and am constantly looking for a new craft to do such as a knitted or crocheted hat or maybe a gift for a friend. Let me tell you, I love to make people happy! Bringing a smile to people’s faces is the best part of my job at Master’s Hand.  Whether it’s dipping chocolate, cleaning, or helping a customer find what they need, I hope it will bring joy to them. Another interesting fact about me that you might want to know is that I am going to Culinary Arts School. And wait a minute, before you think, ‘What on earth is that?!’,the answer, is… FOOD! I have enjoyed working at this family owned business  for the past four years and hope to someday own some type of consignment shop. Until that day, I try my best to be optimistic and travel, try new things, and be excited for every new task that runs my way at work, school, or out having fun!