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Chocolate Kit


Hey you...yes you! I know that you need your chocolate fix and what better way to get it then by having your very own virtual chocolate experience?! This kit can be purchased for you or a friend. Inside you will find a secret password that allows you access to 4 videos. These educational videos will walk you through the entire chocolate process from cacao pod to delectable liquor and how we make chocolate here at Master's Hand. You will get to sample each kind of chocolate that has been hand crafted by our very own chocolatiers. This educational, entertaining and delicious experience can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour!

Inside each chocolate kit:

-1 milk, 1 white and 1 dark chocolate 3-ounce bar handcrafted with our very own Master's Hand logo, how cool is that?!! Each bar is approximately 6 inches X 2 inches.

-Also includes link to the virtual chocolate experience, educational videos created by our own Dream Team to educate and entertain you as you enjoy your chocolate! We even teach you how to properly sample chocolate!! Plus, there are bloopers because who doesn't love bloopers?!

-Chocolate Trivia is involved!! Be sure to submit your answers and include your email for a very special surprise!!




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