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FAN FAVORITE Sugar Cookie Decorating Kit - St. Patty's Day Edition


You're in a bit 'o luck! We are so excited about our St. Patty's Day Sugar Cookie Decorating Kit and we think you will be too!

We envision you and your kids decorating these cookies and spending time together. Let’s be honest… even teens and adults could enjoy a good ‘ol cookie decorating contest! Or maybe you could send this kit to someone who could do it with their family.

Slowing down  |  Reconnecting  |  That’s our heart! 

One of our core goals here at Master’s Hand is to promote connecting and to give you a place to have time with those that you love.  That’s why we are SO excited about our Sugar Cookie Kits!! 


Product Sizes

Starter Cookie Decorating Kit: $29

  • 16 - 4” cookies
  • 3 - 3/4 lb. containers of SURPRISE frosting
  • 3 - 1 oz. containers of assorted sprinkles 

Medium Cookie Decorating Kit: $39

  • 24 - 4” cookies
  • 5 - 3/4 lb. containers of SURPRISE frosting
  • 5 - 1 oz. containers of assorted sprinkles

The BIG ONE Cookie Decorating Kit: $49  

  • 32 - 4” cookies
  • 7 - 3/4 lb. containers of SURPRISE frosting
  • 7 - 1 oz. containers of assorted sprinkles

Customer Reviews

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  1. Unpack your Sugar Cookie Kit.
  2. WHAT?!? You just got boring white frosting? That’s because you got our SURPRISE frosting! Simply stir your boring plain frosting to see what colors you got!
  3. Set out containers of sprinkles.
  4. Have a GREAT time decorating you cookies together! 
  5. Share pictures and tag us on Facebook or Instagram so that we can see how your family is enjoying our new Cookie Decorating Kits.


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