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Spring Fling Harvest Party 2020 - October 31

Posted by Susie Robison on
Spring Fling Harvest Party 2020 - October 31
October 31, 2020 at 9 AM – 6 PM
Finally!!! Spring Fling! (Fingers crossed and all of the things - 4th times the charm??!) And get this... We are going to combine Spring Fling with a harvest party (because it'll be fall y'all!) and its going to be so much fun!
Since it's on the 31st, we see bunches of costumed kiddos collecting eggs at the hunts and it makes us laugh. We absolutely can't wait!! The absurdity of it all basically sums up 2020, amiright? Let's embrace it and laugh!
Friends... Thanks for your patience! We are so anxious to do this with you all. ❤️
Also, we are looking forward to getting rid of the eggs, we now have over 40,000 eggs because we have our 2021 eggs purchased too! I want to get our storage back! lol!
Spring Fling may not be Easter weekend this year... But we'll have over 20,000 eggs for our egg hunt anyway!! It's going to be awesome! Stay tuned for more information as we know more! It's going to be a party!
The best Easter egg hunt this side of the Mississippi! Join us for our 10th annual Spring Fling Easter Egg Hunt Eggstravaganza! Did you hear that? TEN WHOLE YEARS of Spring Fling at Master's Hand! Whoohoo!
This year, our Easter Egg Hunt has over 20,000 prize and candy-filled Easter Eggs and as always, is completely FREE!
No Wonder They Call Spring Fling The Best Easter Egg Hunt This Side of the Mississippi! You're in for tons of family fun!
More details to follow!!! Keep checking back! 

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