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New Year's Eve Party "Must Haves" as told by our Dream Team

Posted by Susie Robison on
New Year's Eve Party "Must Haves" as told by our Dream Team
Tonight I sent a text out to the Master’s Hand Dream Team and asked this question...
If you were having a party this New Years Eve, what would be the Must Haves from Master’s Hand if you wanted to throw the BEST PARTY E.V.E.R.?
Here are the answers....
♥️Caramel corn (oh yes! And good thing I was planning to spend the entire day with Emellia making it)
♥️Cookie Kit (Great idea! That would be a fun project with the kids!)
♥️French Silk Pie ( oh! Decadent!)
♥️Take and Bake World’s Best Cinnamon Rolls ( oh my goodness! Great idea! let them raise through the evening and put them in the oven at 11:35 pm and at Midnight, hot out of the oven cinnamon rolls! Genius! Pure genius!)
♥️Jazzy Java Coffee (definitely! Send your guests home with a cup of Jazzy Java to keep them alert on their trip home!)
♥️Chocolate tray (now you’re talking! Pro hint: Be sure to ask for extra sea salt caramels)
♥️Fruit tray or veggie tray (beautifully presented and nutritious)
♥️Charcuterie board Meat and cheese trays (who wouldn’t love that!?!?)
Cheese ball mixes (yummy and easy)
♥️Fudge sampler tray (great idea! 12 different kinds of fudge!)
♥️Cinnamon glazed nuts (everyone’s favorite!)
So there you have it! You’re New Years shopping list! 2021, we’re
Coming for you and over the next few days we will be highlighting these items and how we make them!❤️. To order call 402-374-2003

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