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New Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day, 6+ Ideas to Make Someone Smile

Posted by Susie Robison on
New Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day, 6+ Ideas to Make Someone Smile

Hey all, Susie here.
I just want to tell you how excited I am that it's February! I have loved Valentine's Day ever since I was a child. I love pink strawberry milk, delivering heart-shaped sugar cookies, listening to all of Lionel Richie's songs, glittery twinkle hearts, heart-shaped foods, fluffy stuffed monkeys, and of course random acts of kindness.

You know, all of this got me thinking...why is Valentine's Day
broadcast mainly as a "romantic holiday"?

Because of this, many people feel left out--and that stinks! Many of us don't have a romantic partner or not that interested in Valentine's Day, and you know what---that thought just bums me out. So, what can we do about it?

Let's re-invent what Valentine's Day means!

NEW ways to share joy
this Valentine's Day.

Many people are left out on this holiday---and that stinks! Whatever you are planning on doing this Valentine's Day be sure to let the people in your circle know how much you care for them.

A few ideas...

  1. I will, share a Valentine's card with my lonely neighbor
  2. I will, send teachers a message of appreciation (and chocolates)
  3. I will, treat my postal and delivery workers with a surprise!
  4. I will, create cards with my kids to distribute to family
  5. Guys (send your mother, sister, kids a card or delicious treat)
  6. Girls (send your girlfriends a message of appreciation for their friendship)
Didn't see any ideas on this list that tickle your fancy?
Not a problem, we'd love to hear about how you plan to help us sprinkle kindness and joy this Valentine's Day to everyone. Email me here with your ideas! I'd love to hear from you.

More things about Valentine's Day I Love:

"I love doing little things anonymously that make people smile, heart-shaped pancakes and sausage patties and heart-shaped biscuits and literally all foods in heart shapes! I love notes to my family.... oh and I'm crazy about love songs from the 80's... awe.... anything Lionel Richie makes me swoon."

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